About Us - am/pm organic cafe

About Us


When I grew up my parents had Sabita Juice Store. Back then Pokhara valley was small village town. People mostly were rely on agriculture. We used to have fresh organic supply of fruits and veggies from our surrounding.  We were fortunate to test best hand picked supplies. Then I took it over in 2000 AD made it into am/pm organic cafe.

Since our opening from 1985 AD, we are delighted to bring you the best in local products.

Also, keeping with recent demand & increasing awareness of the connection between food, health & environment, we use locally sourced, grown ingredients from organic farm or from our own garden as far as possible to offer you the finest organic ingredients. We use no chemicals & preservatives in our product with employment of traditional methods for preparation as far as possible to enhance the healthful quality with natural flavors of our food & juices.


From strong, dark roasted coffee to nutritional boasting juices, everything you eat, drink, smell & see has been made as naturally as possible. With this we try to put wholesome goodness in all our foods & drinks.

We too emphasize the use of eco-friendly & recyclable materials in our cafe.  

Working with our local supplier’s & small business we try to offer you the finest homemade products like soap, candles, honey, etc. While we have jam, soyamilk, almond milk, cakes, breads our own homemade & natural.